APA-MLA Annotated Bibliography: Complete Guide to the Annotated Bib Part 4

15 Nov by wpsadmin

APA-MLA Annotated Bibliography: Complete Guide to the Annotated Bib Part 4

to get started using site fast first create your free account click on the create account tab in the upper right and fill in your name email address and a password about sharing your email address I have never received any spam from site fast after your account is created you’ll be back on site fast homepage with the welcome message and your first project ready to be created with the name Biblio 1 you can change that name later now choose your citation style APA MLA or Chicago let’s do APA first note that it is already selected next let’s select the source type web page book journal including print and online journals web image newspaper online video including YouTube and 12 more types revealed by clicking on the more down arrow let’s do a web page included with the web page designation is what some call a web article or website when we click on web page were given two options manual and autofill to use autofill all you have to do is paste in the full URL of the web article you found for example here’s an article entitled America’s war on drugs has failed this program might be the solution we copied the URL from the browser window and carefully paste it in to cite fast being sure there are no extra spaces before after or in the middle now click on the search icon site fast fills in some information but as you can see the citation is incomplete we have to fill in the author’s first and middle initial do not put a period after the initials cite fast we’ll do that for you and the author’s last name if there’s more than one author click on the add author tab notice that as we fill in the blanks the citation on the right changes automatically taking shape in real time next we have to find a publication date if one is given looking back at the original we see that this article was published on May 7 2015 so we go back to cite fast and fill that in now look at what site fast is telling us about capitalization of the articles title in APA only proper nouns the first word of the title of the first word after a colon or period in the title are capped so we make those changes to the title that we pasted in next is format since this article is part of a larger site Huffington Post we leave the first radio button checked next we have to answer the question is the source material likely to change over time such as happens on wiki’s blogs and other social media the answer is no so there is no need for a retrieval date as you can see the URL has already been captured for us excellent let’s save our work before going any further there it is now since we’re creating an annotated bibliography let’s click on the pencil edit icon and add our annotation scroll down and click on add annotation you can expand the text field by clicking on the hatch lines and pulling to the right but it is probably best if you already have the annotation right now so that you can simply paste it in that’s what I will do now we click on update voila we’ve created the first entry for our annotated bibliography our last step is to click on export to word and watch the magic happen a Word document is downloaded to our computer and when we open it up we see a perfectly formatted APA citation with the annotation beneath it out standing to add additional sources and annotations simply click on manage bibliographies scroll down and use the drop down menu to select the bibliography you wish to work on this is where you can rename the project if you wish so let’s give it a specific name that will help us identify it in the future type in the new name and click on rename done to add more sources click on open now all you have to do is as they say in the shampoo business lather rinse repeat first choose the source type this time let’s do a journal article from the library just to show how the citations are different let’s try autofill first here’s the library article we’ll be using we copy and paste the full title slowly learning the hard way America’s war on drugs and implications for Mexico and then we click on site fast search icon site fast found our article so we select it and as you can see the entire citation is instantly and automatically filled out for us all we need to do is click on add annotation and paste in our pre-written annotation after clicking on save annotation this time when we export to word document we see that our annotated bibliography has grown the two sources are in alphabetical order in the correct font and point size with the correct spacing and correct every day now if autofill cannot find your article simply go back and forth from article to cite fast copying the information from the library page to the site fast boxes for example this time let’s add another journal article but one that does not trigger autofill here’s an article we found in the library entitled winding down the war on drugs when we paste it into site fast the article is not found no problem we click on manual entry now we very carefully copy in the required information first is the author’s first and middle initials both M then her last name Sanchez Marino we have to type in her name not copy it because the library page has all caps what format since we’re using an online library we must select online electronic your published let’s see X 2015 a full article title is winding down the war on drugs when we paste it in once again we’re warned that we have to use lowercase in APA so we make those changes the journal title is a simple copy and paste Harvard International review we put it in we can also quickly type in the volume number 36 and the issue number for page numbers are entered with a hyphen with no space on either side of the – in this case H numbers are 35 through 39 then we need either the DOI or the publishers URL we scroll down the articles library record and we see that there is no DOI assigned so we click on that journals title and on the next page we’re given the publishers URL we copy and paste that into site fast now let’s add our annotation after the annotation is added let’s export the whole thing to a word document again as you can see the manual method took a bit longer but the results are the same perfect citations and a well formatted annotated bibliography follow the same procedure for either of the other two styles they’re just as simple site fast as simple as it gets oh and did I mention it was free you

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